dar es salaam activities

Dar Es Salaam Activities

What to do while in Dar Es Salaam:

  • Activity 1


    A small fishing village on the Tanzanian coast some 47-km north along the coast from Dar es Salaam, Bagamoyo first gained commercial prominence and its multi-cultural nature during the late 18th- and early 19th centuries. The Omani Arabs and Indian merchants established Bagamoyo as a trade centre on Africa’s east coast. The Germans subsequently made their presence felt, establishing it as their commercial centre and the administrative capitol of German East Africa.

    In addition to the Arab and German trading centre for ivory, ebony, copra and other natural resources, Bagamoyo served as the mainland terminus for the lucrative and brutal slave trade. At its peak, an estimated 50,000 slaves per year were taken from the African interior to Bagamoyo for transhipment to the slave markets and spice and clove plantations of Zanzibar. Bwagamoyo— “to throw off melancholy”, while slaves lamented it as Bagamoyo, Kiswahili for “crush down your heart”. Numerous sites and buildings dating back to these periods remain remnants of a troubled, yet rich, past, a history peopled by Africans, Arabs, Indians and Europeans.

    Buildings in Bagamoyo’s Old Town with beautiful, handcarved wooden door frames of Arabian and Indian design– such as that of the Old Bagamoyo Tea House– offer glimpses of the town’s former splendour…and the relative luxury the traders’ were able to afford. Remains of Bagamoyo’s past also include the Old Fort, the first stone structure built in the region. The fort was built by the Baluchi Indian A.S. Marhubi and was originally fortified by the Omani Arab Sultan Bargash. The Germans subsequently took control of it, using it to defend the East African coast during their tenure as 19th-century colonial rulers of German East Africa. Other historical sites of interest are the German Boma, which was built in 1897 as the German colony’s central administrative office and the residence of the German Colonial Administrator. The Catholic Mission of Bagamoyo is a repository of documentary, as well as other types, of information regarding the town’s history.

  • Activity 2


    Take a ferry ride to paradise on the Indian Ocean and discover the scenic Bongoyo Island just off the coast of the Msasani Peninsula in Dar es Salaam. This relaxing playground is an ideal day trip from the Ramada Resort by Wyndham Dar Es Salaam, offering a fun-filled day on the white sands or cooling off in the crystal blue waters. Hop aboard the daily ferry boat for a short trip across the bay where you will be greeted by friendly caretakers ready to show you the island. Explore underwater worlds on a snorkeling trip. Take along a picnic or dine on freshly caught seafood and local favorites like Changu and calamari at the beachfront restaurant. Bongoyo Island is the perfect place to rest, relax and rejuvenate in Tanzania.

    In addition to snorkeling, the island is also a popular scuba diving spot due to the water’s clarity and the gorgeous reefs surrounding the island. The most enticing attraction, however, is the sunken ship located on the east side of the island. The shallowest end is 4 meters beneath the surface, making it accessible to free divers as well. Bright colored fish swim in and out of the windows, creating an exciting underwater adventure.

    Bongoyo Island is a great place to catch a few rays, go kite boarding, and enjoy fresh grilled seafood. Many people make this a must do while visiting Dar es Salaam; don’t miss your chance to enjoy this clean and intimately small tropical island.

  • Activity 3


    Escape the hustle and bustle of downtown Dar es Salaam. A 15-minute motorboat ride from the mainland will take you to the idyllic island paradise of Mbudya Island in the Dar es Salaam Marine Reserve. Soak up the rays on the island's white-sand beaches, enjoy snorkeling adventures, and head out for a swim in the turquoise waters. Bandas (thatched huts) are available for rent on the beach, and you can savor fresh barbecued seafood and sip on cold drinks while you unwind. It's no wonder Mbudya is one of the most popular day trips from the city.

    Mbudya is a part of the Dar es Salaam Marine Reserve and fishing is not permitted on the island. However, visitors can enjoy a wide variety of leisure activities, including sunbathing, snorkeling, swimming, and hiking.

  • Activity 4


    Gezulole Village Cultural Tour is a full day guided excursion to the village of Gezaulole situated on the coast, south of Dar es Salaam, 13 km's (a 30-minutes drive) from the ferry at Kigamboni. Experience village life and enjoy the quite beach. Gezaulole Village has a pristine, white beach with views over the sea and islands dotting the blue ocean. Our day tour offers a glimpse into a typical Tanzanian village life.

    Gezaulole village was a Zaramo settlement, the tribe which has been living along this part of the coast for many centuries. They gave the village the name Gezaulole, which means ‘Try and See’ in the Kizaramo language. In the 16th Century, Arab settlers came and used the convenient location of the village to carry out their trade. The village thus became a destination for caravans carrying ivory, hides and slaves, who would be shipped to Zanzibar and beyond. They renamed the village ‘Mbwamaji’, a name it kept until the 1970’s, when the village was chosen as one of the first settlements under the Ujamaa – policy.

    People from different places in Tanzania were relocated in order to create concentrated agricultural areas. Again the name Gezaulole was given to the village: the new inhabitants had to ‘Try and See’ how they could develop their lives. Dar-es-Salaam Cultural Day Tour Gezaulole Village activities include a guided tour to learn about the history of Gezaulole village the first Ujamaa village and an old Arab settlement with graves and mosques. You will enjoy the beautiful beaches and learn about a fisherman’s life, take a dhow trip to Sinda Island and see Wildlife in particular bird life. Lunch will be served at ‘Kali Mata Ki Jai’ a women’s project, or at a local restaurant or at private house where villagers cook and serve local dishes.

  • Activity 5


    Dar Es Salaam Zoo offers a great place to escape the hustle and bustle of Dar-es-salaam city and learn about the animals and birds of Tanzania. The zoo is located in the Kigamboni-district in the eastern part of the city, 37 kilometers from Downtown Dar es Salaam. The zoo is a well preserved wildlife sanctuary with natural flora and fauna. The Zoo is open from 0600 Hours to 1800 Hours daily.

    The Dar-es-salaam zoo has a variety of domestic and wild animals consisting of Giraffe, Zebras, Crocodiles, Snakes, Antelopes, Tortoises and Gazelles. There is also a wide variety of birds, including terrestrial and water birds, birds of prey etc. There are different species of monkeys and baboons, hyenas, nocturnal animals, including the African Bull Frog, Spring Hare, Spotted Hyena, Leopard and lion.

    The livestock unit consists of domestic animals and some birds, including domestic fowls, turkeys, geese, ducks, ostriches, guinea fowls and pigeons. There are dairy cattle, sheep and goats as well.

Tour Inclusions and Exclusions

Key Tour Inclusions

  • All airport transfers
  • Accommodation as indicated in itinerary
  • Transport and wildlife drives in modified 4WD Land Cruiser with photographic roof hatch
  • Services of a professional English speaking safari guide
  • All wildlife reserve entry fees
  • All game drives as mentioned
  • 2 ltr mineral water per person per safari day
  • Coffee/Tea with picnic lunches
  • All domestic flights as indicated in itinerary (where applicable)
  • All meals and accommodation as stipulates in itinerary
  • Flying doctor Evacuation insurance cover
  • Tourist Development Levy
  • Wildlife Management Area Fees
  • Applicable Government Taxes

Key Tour Exclusions

  • All items of a personal nature
  • International Flights
  • Gratuities for safari guide
  • Travel insurance
  • Visa fee (50 USD /100 USD for Americans & Irish Passport Holders- to be paid upon arrival)
  • Drinks and Beverages in camps and lodges
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It is important to note that booking in advance will facilitate better planning so as to allow us get the stated accommodation in our itineraries. Last minute booking requests might require us to change the quoted properties especially during high seasons when the demand for quality accomodation is quite high.

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