Kibira National Park

Perched on the top of Congo-Nile ranges, between 1550 and 2660m of altitude, Kibira Park is a majestic primeval rainy forest covering 40,000hectares. Former sacred hunting reserve for the kings of Burundi, it is today instituted a protected area and is habitat to some 98 mammal species, a dozen of primates (numerous families of chimpanzees, baboons, tailed monkeys, black colobus), but also some 200 species of birdlife.

Many streams and rivers that irrigate the country in the east as well as in the west have got their sources in this park. This rainy forest plays a major role for the formation of the basins of Congo and Nile Rivers of which it constitute the watershed line. It is also one of Mugamba regions with the highest rainfall in the country.

Although it has not been visited since the war, this park became long ago a tourist attraction very appreciated by visitors: led by guards of the park, tourists would go deep in the dark undergrowth to discover the charms of the primeval forest, with all along the way, fantastic melodies of birds. To access the park, you pass through huge tea plantations of Teza and Rwegura, what constitute already charming attractions.

At the moment, it is possible to reach inside the park via the tourist pygmies’ village of Busekera, but also at the level of the hydroelectric dam of Rwegura, another tourist curiosity with magnificent vista, favorable to rest and outdoor picnic